Listen Up! Audio’s Role in a Mobile World

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Nearly everyone in the gym is listening to something on a mobile device – a podcast, an audiobook, streaming music. Most of the solo drivers you see stuck in traffic are listening to something as well.

Mobile devices are changing our behaviors in many ways. Even something as basic as reading a book is up for grabs in the increasingly mobile world.

Mobile devices tap into our attraction to multitasking. When we’re out and about, we often need to look where we’re going. Hence the growth of audio content consumption, such as podcasts and audiobooks.

  • According to Edison Research, 55 million Americans listened to an audiobook last year.
  • From the Infinite Dial 2015 report (by Edison Research and Triton Digital), monthly audio podcast consumption is on the rise, from roughly 39 million monthly listeners in 2014 to 46 million monthly podcast users in 2015.

Audio works particularly well for long-form content, like books, because we have stretches of time while commuting or walking that we can devote to books.

Subscription Marketing as an Audiobook

The only data that really matters is how your audience like to consume content. Chances are, your audience listens to podcasts and audiobooks.

I didn’t think about creating an audio version of the book Subscription Marketing until a potential reader told me that he only ‘consumed’ business books in an audio format. Now it seems obvious.

So, at last, Subscription Marketing is available as an audiobook:Subscription Marketing audio cover

The Subscription Play (of course)

I wouldn’t be a genuine subscription marketer if I didn’t point out the subscription service in the mix, Audible.

You can purchase books outright from Audible or can subscribe to the audiobook service, choosing either one or two books per month. Any additional books above the subscription level are discounted.

The first book is free with an audible subscription – you could make Subscription Marketing your first. Picture it: you’re listening to a book about marketing for a subscription-based business while using a subscription-based audiobook service. Very meta.

Do You Want Written Words With That?

The problem with listening to a book – particularly a nonfiction book – is remembering the important points. Taking notes isn’t practical when driving or at the gym.

I’ve created additional, printed resources for audiobook buyers on the book’s website. So far, these resources include:

  • A document containing research and graphics from the book
  • A value nurturing checklist
  • The list of recommended reading in the end material of the book
  • An infographic illustrating one of the chapters (the four fundamental rules of value nurturing)

You can see these items by visiting and entering your email address. This adds you to my very low-volume email list. (I send a short email with news and resources about twice a month.) And you can unsubscribe at any time.

Here’s my question to you: if you’re listening to a business book, what resources would you want to be able to access in printed form? What, if anything, should I add to this list?

Let me know if you have any suggestions, by email or in the comments here.

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