About Cuesta Park Consulting

Cuesta Park Consulting works with high tech and clean tech companies to develop though leadership, lead generation and lead/customer nurturing content.

Clients include businesses in enterprise software, online security, storage management, identity management, and energy/sustainability management. With extensive background in the tech industry, I’m quick to grasp complex concepts and make the connections between technologies and real-world problems.

Have subject matter experts or visionary leaders who don’t want to write? I frequently collaborate with executives to create ghost-written articles and blogs.

Past and current clients include Box, Ecova, Genesys, Imprivata, ServiceSource, ThreatMetrix, VMware, and many others.

Typical projects

  • White papers – from high level to technical – to support all stages of the sales cycle
  • Message maps for new products/services
  • Web page content
  • Articles (ghost-written or attributed)
  • Blogposts

Contact us

Email: ajanzer@marketingdocs.com

Phone: 650-960-3177

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/annehjanzer

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