Market to your customers: a WordPress example

Here’s a timely example of good content marketing from WordPress, the service that hosts this blog. They sent me a link to a personalized annual report for my blog. Why is this content marketing? Because it’s useful and personalized information…

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On the Internet, no one knows you’re not there

  by  PinkMoose  With social media and smart phones, technology marketers can be online and connected all the time.  This is a two-edged sword. It’s easy to feel like should always be online and available, even when you’re home or on vacation. …

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Business blogging: Meeting the Post-a-Week challenge

As a freelance writer, I have been involved with several different clients’ corporate blogging efforts. Consistently, the most challenging part of the blogging effort has been ‘feeding the beast’—posting frequently.  An abandoned blog lingering on your corporate website is like…

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