Content recycling do’s and don’ts

  by  chrissatchwell  The biggest challenge that many content marketers face is creating enough content to reach prospects and customers at the right places and times.  Re-purposing or recycling content is a critical strategy. When you recycle content, you can amplify your…

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Tips for recycling webinar content

In the last blog posting, I sang the praises of recycling the content in your webinars into white papers, eBooks or other printed content. The process is not quite as straightforward as posting the transcript online. Some webinars are easier…

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5 reasons to recycle your webinar content

Webinars can be a great way to reach prospects, nurture leads, and get some ‘thought leadership’ credit in your industry.  But don’t stop once you’ve put the recorded webinar up on your website. Take the extra step to use the…

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