It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Customer Retention

“Value nurturing sounds great, but first we need to prioritize lead generation.” Lead generation almost always takes priority over customer retention efforts. According to a recent study by Regalix Research, only about one in four B2B marketers plans for customer retention….

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Getting Creative about Customer Retention Marketing

On Wednesday, May 13, I’ll be hosting a webinar on Creative Approaches to Retention Marketing. To whet your appetite, here’s a sneak preview of a few of the topics: Using video to add personality to customer communications Why customer retention marketing campaigns is how you do Customer…

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The Customer Retention Marketing Opportunity

It’s time for marketers to give customer retention a little love. According to the State of B2B Product Marketing 2015 report by Regalix Research, customer retention marketing comes in dead last in the list of B2B marketing activities. Only about one…

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