Content curation and business blogging revisited

My recent post on content curation (Is Content Curation the Cure for Business Blogging Blues?) generated several conversations and comments, so I thought I’d circle back and share a few things I’ve learned. So many tools, so little time There’s…

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Content marketing: Don’t wait for next year

photo © 2008 stuartpilbrow | more info (via: Wylio) The economy has not been easy on every business, and particularly on technology startups that are being pressured by investors to contain costs and demonstrate profitability. Several clients in the past…

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Content marketing: A continuing education

photo © 2006 Eric James Sarmiento | more info (via: Wylio) I’m in the midst of taking the “Content Marketing Crash Course” from MarketingProfs University. It’s a set of 17 live sessions covering topics from optimizing content for SEO to…

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