Marketing Above the Noise: A Call to Reason and Strategy

popky2As soon as I read this statement, I knew I’d like the book:

“It’s time to move the discussion away from today’s latest hot marketing tools and tactics to what really counts: convincing customers to trust you with their business – not just once, but time and time again.”

That’s the voice of reason. More specifically it’s the voice of Linda Popky’s new book, Marketing Above the Noise. Linda makes that statement in the introduction, and proceeds to back it up in the pages that follow with detailed, common sense marketing wisdom based on experience. Well-thought-out examples illustrate every point.

In an age of growth-hacking, social media, SEO-optimization, gamification, and the marketing mantra of the week, how wonderful to put the fundamentals of marketing into perspective. (See this mind-boggling infographic about the marketing technology landscape from the Chief Marketing Technologist blog.) Nearly every day we face a new technology, channel or strategy.

Linda lays out the marketing fundamentals in her Dynamic Market Leverage Model. The model is a way of stepping through the fundamental tenets of successful marketing strategy and execution.

Customer Marketing (Value Nurturing) Is Part of the Strategy

Linda also touches on the topic that is near my own heart recently, which is marketing to your existing customers. Her words on this: “Your marketing should reinforce the wisdom of the customer’s choice.”

Overall, this is a comprehensive tour of effective marketing practices, incorporating the latest trends but not letting them distract the reader from long-term objectives. I’d highly recommend the book to anyone either starting anew in the field or ready to take their own practices to the next level. Marketers of all levels can find inspiration and guidance here.







One Comment on “Marketing Above the Noise: A Call to Reason and Strategy

  1. Loved the Marketing Technology Landscape infographic. If that doesn’t illustrate the marketing noise problem, I don’t know what does!

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