Marketing and the Subscription Customer

Subscriptions aren’t just for magazines anymore. Technology companies, retail businesses, industrial services and suppliers, and countless other companies rely on subscriptions to sell goods and services to customers.

Think about it: Amazon AWS is a technology subscription, while Amazon Prime is a content and services subscription that drives retail sales.
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If any part of your business relies on returning and renewing customers, you’re in the subscription business. Because business success depends on a long-term relationship with the customer, marketing needs to focus on current customers as well as prospects.

In the subscription business, marketing cannot stop at the point of the sale.

There’s a new book on this topic called Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn. I’d review it here, but modesty prevents me, as I wrote it. (Yes, that’s why the blog posts have been sparse lately.)

Instead, you’ll have to read the reviews on Amazon.

Monthly Updates for Subscription Marketers

For those who are interested in continuing the discussion on this topic, I’ve started a Subscription Marketing newsletter to share resources on the topic. Don’t worry, it won’t flood your inbox because it only comes once a month. You can sign up here.

In this blog you will continue to find articles about technology marketing, content marketing, and subscription marketing (which all overlap), as well as reviews of useful books on marketing and technology. Thanks for reading!

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