Business blogging: The power of the series

When maintaining a business blog, it’s really useful to have a few blogs in reserve. Keeping the blog ‘fed’ is by far the biggest challenge for most businesses.


Blogs are like firewood — it’s nice to have a stockpile.

One strategy is to find a topic that can become a series of blogs. Here are a few strategies for creating a blog series:

  • Answer a series of related questions (where answering one question naturally leads to another).  I did this here with the blogs What’s Your Corporate Style, Finding Your Corporate Style, and Create a Quick Corporate Style Guide.
  • Find a topic like “Top 5 best practices” or “5 reasons,” then write a blog on each of the numbered items. This is a great way to repurpose and drive traffic to existing white papers or ebooks. Here’s an example of a blog series based on an ebook about Recurring revenue secrets for ServiceSource.
  • Find a topic you can revisit regularly and make that a series – relevant book reviews, customer interviews, etc.

I’d welcome any other ideas about series.

On a related topic, if you have email subscribers to your blog, you might be concerned about the recent changes to Gmail that send your blog into the Promotions tab. I wrote about this subject in the Women in Consulting blog on What Consultants Need to Know about Gmail’s Tabbed Inbox.

One Comment on “Business blogging: The power of the series

  1. Good idea!
    Though one will probably have to create additional calendar for writing extra articles=)

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