Time saving tools for business blogging

I’ve been really short on time lately, for both work and personal reasons. But I’m not alone. We’re all pressed for time at some point.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tools that help me blog more efficiently.

Tracking ideas

One big blogging challenge is deciding what to write about. I don’t know about you, but my inspiration usually occurs when I’m not sitting at the computer. That’s where Evernote comes in.  I almost always have my phone handy to take a note (or snap a picture or dictate a thought), and Evernote automatically syncs that to my computer.  When I’m ready to write I can browse my ideas.


I like to use the Creative Commons images on Flickr in my blog. There’s a great app called Imagecodr for getting the code to put those images in the blog, with appropriate attribution. You can find it at www.imagecodr.org.  I’ve put it on my bookmark toolbar and just hit it when I find an image I like.


I used to use Google Reader to track the blogs I want to follow, but I felt so guilty about being behind on my blog reading that I stopped using it.

Now I use HootSuite, creating separate streams for different Twitter lists to make it easy to track the people I really want to follow.  I’ve set up streams for the gurus I follow, friends, clients, etc.  It’s a great source whenever I need to dip my toe into the stream of inspiration.

Alltop is another good place to browse through blog postings.

I know that there are hundreds of tools that people like, and not enough time to explore them all.  Please feel free to share your suggestions.

5 Comments on “Time saving tools for business blogging

  1. I love your advice and recommendation for imagecodr. I have spent countless hours trying to find images for each blog – it is my biggest time synch some weeks, more than writing. Thanks!

  2. Finding images is often challenging — and as you said, it takes time! You seem to come up with some good ones on your blog.

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