Dealing with misteaks … mistakes

Today’s post isn’t specific to B2B technology marketing – it applies more broadly to life itself. Because we all make mistakes both personally and professionally.

The idea of mistakes came to mind this morning when I read about Netflix announcing that it’s backing off its plan to split physical DVD rentals into a separate service (Qwikster).

Now, we’ll all have a good chuckle or roll our eyes over Netflix for a day. But that’s about the extent of the damage – they listened to customer feedback (in this instance) and reversed a decision that would have been a mistake to continue further. Damage contained. Mistake admitted. Done.

Time and again, politicians seem to forget this lesson. When they make a mistake (particularly an embarrassing one involving illicit relationships), rather than ‘fessing up, they cover up. And that’s unforgivable.

The same is true for technology companies. When you have a product problem, you’re better off addressing it immediately and honestly, and doing whatever you can to make it right. So, bravo Netflix.

In the spirit of this post, then, I need to confess my own mistake. Despite my “post-a-week” commitment this year, I didn’t post a blog last week. I took some time off to refresh by the ocean, which was lovely. But I could have done a blog in advance, or over the weekend. Mea culpa.

The moral? It’s easier to preach than practice when it comes to regular blog postings!

2 Comments on “Dealing with misteaks … mistakes

  1. Declarations are so difficult! I regularly break my own rules and intentions about blogging. I was recently given some advice: don’t talk about it, just do it. Or not. Then no one really knows the difference!

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