Technology marketing in the dog days of summer

In honor of August and the ‘dog days’ of summer, here’s a quick blog post to remind everyone of an essential fact: no matter how technical or high level the sale, our prospects are people. So, respect the fact that somewhere, in some corner of their brain, there’s someplace else they’d rather be.

Here’s one of my places:

What does this mean for B2B technology marketers?

  • Respect your prospects’ time – don’t  be wordy or boring.
  • Help them be effective in their jobs so they can get on with their lives. Give them useful information in the right context.
  • Lighten up. In most cases, there’s nothing wrong with using the second-person singular (you) in your writing, or using a story to tell illustrate a point.

Take a breath yourself

The pace of change is so fast in the tech industry, and the impetus to keep current so strong, that it’s easy to feel like you can never let up or disconnect.  But disconnecting is important, and helps us put aside daily distractions and find other parts of our lives.

I hope that you get a chance to relax and disconnect a bit this August! Facebook, Twitter, Google+ — all of that will go on without you for a few days.

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