Content curation and business blogging revisited

My recent post on content curation (Is Content Curation the Cure for Business Blogging Blues?) generated several conversations and comments, so I thought I’d circle back and share a few things I’ve learned.

So many tools, so little time

There’s an entire universe of content curation tools out there to make the process easier. Well, maybe “universe” is an overstatement.  But here are a few that astute readers pointed out for me: Eqentia (with enterprise applications), UtilityPoster, and Storify (make a story from Twitter!)  I have to find a fun way to use Storify

Curation and your blog

I do believe that content curation has a role in business blogging – but always within the scope and purpose of your business blog.  You need to be careful exactly how you do it, so that you are always reinforcing your objective.  As someone suggested, it’s best to have a mix of curated and original content, so you are contributing to the discussion in a meaningful way.

A right way to do it

And, I just found this interesting post from Lauren Goldstein on 3 things not to do when curating content for B2B demand generation. I particularly like her point about telling the audience why you are sharing this particular content with them – add a little editorial value.

Thanks to everyone who commented before, and feel free to add your input. Maybe I’ll revisit the topic yet again!

3 Comments on “Content curation and business blogging revisited

  1. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for the mention! Please let me know if you’re interested in a private tour.
    Best Regards,
    William Mougayar
    CEO & Founder

    • Claire – thanks for that link – it’s quite a compilation of thoughtful opinions. As expected, I find myself agreeing a lot with Ann Handley – many good points, though.

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