Content marketing: Don’t wait for next year

074/365 Hiding under the bedphoto © 2008 stuartpilbrow | more info (via: Wylio)

The economy has not been easy on every business, and particularly on technology startups that are being pressured by investors to contain costs and demonstrate profitability. Several clients in the past year have cut back on their marketing budgets and projects, hoping to ride out a rough spell. I empathize with their situations.

But I have the feeling that this is the wrong time to lie low for a couple of reasons:

  • While others are lying low, you have a better opportunity to be heard and build relationships with your market and prospects – as well as figure out the whole content marketing thing.
  • Content marketing as a strategy is gaining traction in both B2C and B2B marketing, and if you don’t jump in now you could find it hard to play catch up later.

Hubspot just published a great blog posting on the urgency of getting started with content marketing: Arm Yourself with Content for Goliath is Coming. Basically, the premise is that while large companies are figuring out how to make content marketing work to their advantage. You have a window of time, but it’s narrowing.

Yes, content marketing should level the playing field between large and small companies, but you’ve got to show up on the field in the first place.  And it’s easier if Goliath isn’t there already.

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