5 reasons to recycle your webinar content

Webinars can be a great way to reach prospects, nurture leads, and get some ‘thought leadership’ credit in your industry.  But don’t stop once you’ve put the recorded webinar up on your website. Take the extra step to use the content in other media forms, like a white paper, article or eBook.

Yes, I know that video is the hot new medium for communications, but print (online or on paper) isn’t dead yet. Here are five great reasons for recycling your webinar content into a white paper, article or eBook.

1. Reach more prospects:  Not everyone is willing to commit the time needed to attend or watch a webinar. By offering the same general content in a print format, you can reach busy prospects that don’t have an hour of free time to watch a webinar but are willing to scan a document for useful information.

2. Keep the conversation going: Use a paper or eBook to follow up with the attendees after the webinar is over.  Use it as part of a multi-touch lead nurturing campaign based on the webinar.

3. Get search engine respect: Search engines look for words.  Unless you’ve published a transcript of your webinar, all that great, keyword-rich content isn’t contributing to your SEO efforts.  Putting a white paper online (particularly in an HTML as well as PDF) gives you extra SEO juice for your content.

4.  Keep it fresh: It’s hard to re-record a webinar, but easy to update a paper or eBook to reflect the latest news or product versions. Your printed collateral may have a longer shelf-life than the webinar recording.

5. Build a rich content library:  By recycling and re-using your webinar content in other pieces, you can build out a rich content library that addresses your key buying personas at the different stages of the revenue cycle.  Find any gaps that this content might fill, and tailor it to those needs.

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